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& Deborah-Darling Ministries

If you feel compelled or touched in your heart to assist with stewarding the vision please read below:

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Our Dear Family,

 The Lord has given us great visions, ideas, and plans for 2023, and soo much to pour out and give to people. This is where you come in. 

Here are a few things we'd love for you to partner with us on:

•    Women At War X More Than Rubies conference weekend:

2-Day experience including 
   ⁃     A fellowshipping brunch/ tea party 
   ⁃    More Than Rubies session for every type of woman 
   ⁃    Women at war service 

   ⁃    Total of 5 Sessions 

•    Travelling to HOST Women at war in different countries.

•    Towards the end of the year it is the desire of Deborah-Darling to host her first-ever headline Concert.


I have hosted and ministered on so many different stages around the world, but it’s time people heard my own music

LIVE Costs would include 
   ⁃ Pre-production work 
   ⁃    Venue 
   ⁃    Staff
   ⁃    Rehearsal
   ⁃    Advertising and marketing 
   ⁃    Photoshoots 
   ⁃    Media

   ⁃    + more 

As the dates are getting closer, we are looking for partners who would help this commission run smoothly. We are believing God for £40,000 therefore our desire is that the Lord would locate people like yourself who will have the heart and burden to assist us to steward the vision of God with excellence. From the guest speakers to the venue, all must be catered to in order to have a spirit-filled and successful event. 

It is our prayer that as you give whether it is a one-off or a regular token of any amount, may heaven honor you. May the work of your hands never run dry. May the Lord multiply that while you’ve given and cause an excellent spirit to rest upon you. God bless you! Thank you! 



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