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Thank you for deciding to partner with us in aid of our vision. Your unwavering support has driven us to achieve incredible milestones, and we are deeply grateful for the contributions that have propelled us this far.


For too long, our gatherings have been sustained by ticket and T-shirt sales, as well as the generosity of donors like you. However, our ultimate goal is to ensure that our events and services are within reach of everyone, regardless of financial constraints. Through our collective efforts, we are committed to providing vital resources and spreading hope to those in need, nurturing a culture of empathy and selfless service.


    ◦    Free WAW events 
   ◦    Go out into different cities to build a community of stronger and impactful women 
   ◦    Healing and deliverance with post-counselling sessions 
   ◦    Be able to buy equipment for the event


As we strive to break down the barriers to participation, we invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Your continued support will enable us to create a community where inclusivity and compassion reign, empowering us to touch the lives of countless individuals in need.


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